Sunday, 27 January 2008

LIverpool Strike new Financing Deal

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At last Liverpool have completed their £350m refinancing deal, and revealed there proposed new 71,000-seat stadium Stanley Park.It is proposed to have it ready for the 2011/ 2012 season. Even better news for Liverpool supporters, both Tom Hick and George Gillet have expressed their enthusiastic support for Manager Rafael Benitez. Since the meeting on the 16th of December a shadow has hung over both the clubs ownership and Rafa's positions. although Rafa has another 2 years on his contract there had been a lot of speculation on if he was to leave the club. The new package is a vote of confidence in the club, and includes money for players and repayment of the money borrowed for the take over a year ago.Debt will however rise as the £60m allocated for the new Stadium is going to cost a great deal more. However this deal puts to bed the likelihood of a Dubai International Capital takeover in the near future,although it is understood they are still very keen on buying. It is still felt by some Liverpool supporters that a deal with Dubai would be the best way forward for the team, after Gillet and Hick admitted the talks with Klinsmann on a possible replacement for Rafa. Only 1% of Fans voted for the Americans against Rafa indicating a complete loss of trust from a year ago when the same two were Liverpool's savoir. Liverpool's on the pitch play as well as off has suffered over this, and hopefully this deal and the prospect of a New Stadium will lift the Club to new heights.